Standing by orphans
Our foundation has launched solidarity days for orphans. IHH teams will travel to the regions in where IHH has been already carrying supportive projects for orphans to deliver stationary supplies, clo
Afghanistan, Arakan, Albania, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Palestine, Iraq, Lubnan, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Turkey 17.02.2011

The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation launches the dates between March 16 and March 30 as the days of solidarity with the orphans. The IHH teams aim to detect the problems of the orphans on ground and to provide their needs on the dates March 16-30, 2011. IHH teams will deliver stationary supplies, clothing, toys and to organize mass circumcision feast and wedding in Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Burkina Faso, Sudan, Albany, Somalia, Ethiopia, Arakan, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The aim is to put a smile on the children’s' face who are left orphaned and unprotected due to war, conflicts, natural disasters and poverty. You too join us and expand a hand to stop orphanhood. By paying monthly 35€ or 50$ support an orphan for a year.  

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