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Flash flood in Sudan

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, which has been carrying out various activities in Sudan for a long time, started emergency aid activities in there following the flash floods caused by heavy rain in the last weeks.

Heavy rains in Sudan over the past few weeks has affected 13 of the country's 18 states. Floods hit Al-Gaili city, located in the northern part of Khartoum province, and most parts of the city were submerged. Likewise, Omdurman and Bahri regions which are the opponent side of Khartoum have been affected by heavy rain. White Nile state in the south of the country has been hit hardest. Some parts of the state transportation via land route is not available now. More than 200 homes have been destroyed in Kosti and Rabak cities of the state.

According to the Sudanese Ministry of Health, 46 people died due to floods so far. There is an emergency need for food, tent, and medicine. Sudan is still under the danger of floods because of the ongoing rainy season. Also, floods caused by heavy rains bring about increasing of infectious disease. 



The result of the disaster in 13 flood-affected states is as follows:


The number of flood-affected families is: 38 thousand 754


The number of homes destroyed due to flood is: 25 thousand 437


The number of partially damaged homes due to flood is: 12 thousand 202




IHH teams took action

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, which has been active in Sudan for many years in the fields of Education, Ramadan, Sacrifice, Orphan, Cataract, Permanent Work, Development, Water Well and Humanitarian Aid, did not leave the Sudanese affected by the floods once again. Immediately after receiving the news of the disaster via its agency in Sudan, IHH teams have started to meet the food and shelter needs of 1 thousand 500 people. The introduced emergency aid organization has been practiced by the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation in Al-Gaily and White Nile. 



To give aid

There is an emergency need for food, tent, and medicine in the region.

Donors that want to give aid to the Sudanese people who are struggling with the floods can donate 5TL by texting YEMEN via SMS to 3072 from all network operators. Those who wish to support the victims of flood in Sudan can donate via our bank accounts by stating PROJE KODU 11728 in the explanation section.  

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