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High-level visit of Sudan to IHH

Sudan’s Minister of International Cooperation, Idris Suleiman and his accompanying delegation visited the central office of IHH, Humanitarian Relief Foundation and held various consultations.

The Minister of Sudan, Idris Suleiman arrived in Turkey to hold several official talks and had an exchange of ideas in a visit to the central office of IHH, Humanitarian Relief Foundation.

Executive Board Members of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, Hüseyin Oruç, İzzet Şahin, Vahdettin Kaygan and Ömer Faruk Korkmaz, the Chief Adviser to The Turkish Prime Minister and the member of the IHH Board of Trustees welcomed Sudan’s Minister of International Cooperation, Idris Suleyman, Dr. Ahmed Abdurrahman and Dr. Awes Şeyh Ahmed from Samadoon International Foundation and Dr. Ammar Al Saccad from The Dialogue, Peace and Development Foundation of Sudan. 


During the visit, the Minister was informed about the projects that IHH had undertaken and planned in Sudan. The Minister Suleyman expressed his thanks to IHH for the works of the foundation.


Following the visit, a souvenir photo was taken and a model of Masjid Al-Aqsa Mosque was presented to the Minister. 


Latest News from Humanitarian Diplomacy

Islamic Development Bank visited IHH
Waleed Al Waheeb, Managing Director of the Islamic Development Bank, and his entourage visited the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation Headquarters.
Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation officials made a presentation by participating in the “More Inclusive Coordination for The Global South” panel organized by the International Council of Voluntary Organizations (ICVA).
A Visit to IHH by the UN
United Nations (UN) Deputy Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syria Crisis Mark Cutts and colleagues visited the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation headquarters.


  • Ramadan aid to 3 different countries
    As a part of our Ramadan 2020 aid operations themed “Ramadan Together”, IHH distributed food packets, iftar supplies, eid clothing, shopping coupons and zakat to 86.000 beneficiaries in Palestine, Yemen and Libya.
  • An exemplary act by our off-road teams
    IHH Istanbul Search and Rescue Off-Road Volunteer team distributed food and hygiene packets to 300 families in need.
  • Iftar meals to 25.000 orphans in Idlib
    Since the beginning of Ramadan, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has delivered iftar meals to 25.000 orphan children living in the rural areas of the Syrian city Idlib.
  • Daily iftar meals for 2.500 people
    IHH distributed daily hot iftar meals to 2.500 civilians living in the refugee camps on the outskirts of Idlib, Syria.
  • Clothing and hygiene aid to the homeless
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation distributed clothing and hygiene packets to 35 homeless people who are either unable to return to their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic or forced to live on the streets.