Hit the Road to Srebrenica!
On 11th July, the anniversary of Srebrenica Genocide a motor biker team from Turkey organized by IHH will head to Bosnia in order to attend the memorial events commemorating this tragedy.
Bosnia and Herzegovina 14.06.2017

The biker team’s route will cover Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia and the journey starts on the 7th of July, will take about 9 days and end in Istanbul on 15th July.

Srebrenica Genocide took place on 11th July 1995. The horror that the witnesses and survivors of the genocide still feel is beyond words. Srebrenica genocide is one of the most cruel and bloodiest events in the history of Bosnia.

In this massacre called Bosnian Genocide over 8 thousand Muslim Bosnians including women, children, elderly were brutally killed by Serbian soldiers. New mass graves of those killed in Srebrenica continue to be discovered thus making the pain more present. Every year this tragic event is remembered through various events. MotoBosna team will be headed to Bosnia to condemn this painful genocide. On 14th July they will complete their journey and return to Istanbul to participate in the events that will commemorate the martyrs of the failed coup attempt of the last year on 15th July.

Every year on the anniversary of the genocide various Bosnian and Muslim communities in Europe form biker teams and travel to Bosnia passing through EU countries thus creating awareness about this tragedy. Hence these motor biker groups serve as a reminder of this tragedy.
Up until now no motor biker group from Turkey ever participated in the genocide memorial events. Since this is going to be the first time it is even more important. Moreover the connotations of a motor bike with its fast mobility allowing it to be present anywhere and everywhere falls in line with the vision and mission of IHH. 

Goal of MotoBosna Trip:
- To share know-how with the institutions and professionals in a country with which we share a common history.
- To contribute to the social compatibility, mutual feelings of belonging, common ideas and sensibilities, shared passion, confidence, national unity and solidarity between people of Bosnia and Turkey
- To raise awareness about Bosnian Genocide that happened in the past.
- To develop the social and cultural relations between people of two countries with a common history.

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