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Turkey does not remain silent to massacres

Thousands of people participated to the demonstration in İstanbul’s Saraçhane neighborhood in protest of ongoing massacres in Egypt and Syria.
23.08.2013 Egypt , Syria , Turkey

The demonstrators who began a march following the Friday prayers at Fatih Mosque met in front of İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality. IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation gave support to the demonstration organized by the Solidarity Platform with Syrian People.

A press statement was read out at the demonstration by Kenan Alpay on behalf of the Solidarity Platform with Syrian People. The press statement said:

Ugly attacks carried out against Muslims demanding freedom

We condemn incidents in Syria and Egypt which target our Islamic and humanitarian values. Very ugly attacks are being carried out against Muslims want to carry their freedom demands to political domain. The Assad regime has turned Syria into a field of corpses. They have just massacred more than 1,300 people by the use of chemical weapons.

The US and Europe have responsibility in the massacres

The US and Europe have responsibility in the massacres carried out in Egypt and Syria. It is not only the Assad regime which is responsible for the massacre of the more than 100,000 people and millions of others’ being refugees, the US and Europe have also a responsibility to this effect.

We will not remain silent

Junta of Gen. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has been openly supported by Israel, the US and Saudis. Blockade on Gaza has begun again following the coup in Egypt. Sisi junta has spilled the blood of Egyptian people to a great extent. As Turkish Muslims, we have taken to the streets for Egypt and Syria. In order to raise voice against injustices, we will continue to take side with the oppressed people. We are determined to set our route not according to Israel, the US or the Saudi Arabia but according to the holy book of Allah.


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