US went on Muslim killing at Eid
IHH leader issued a written press release regarding the Nato summit in Lisbon, Portugal.
Turkey 19.11.2010

Bülent Yıldırım, head of the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, stressed that the United States has butchered millions of Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Palestine, and is now trying to get Turkey involved in its crime with missile shield project. The US did not hesitate to strike even during the Islamic holiday Eid al-Adha and killed tens of Muslims, Yıldırım recalled.

Death toll at Eid

“Fifty people were killed in US-led Nato attacks in Afghanistan during Eid. Three people were also killed in US-backed Israeli strikes into Palestine.

More than 50,000 Muslims spent Eid in prison in US-occupied Iraq. US-backed Indian occupying forces took tens of Muslims into custody at Eid in Kashmir. How can you negotiate a joint defense agreement with a country that has killed huge numbers of Muslims? And the US will deploy missile shield system in your country against Iran, Syria, Jordan and Palestine just to protect Israel. In other words, Turkey will be used as a vehicle to kill Muslims. Turkey should oppose this project. Turkey should not confront the Muslim world for the sake of US and Israeli interests.”     

Missile shield should not turn into İncirlik base

“The target of missile shield project is Muslims just like jets based in the İncirlik Air Base hit Muslims,” Yıldırım said, “This project aims to protect Israel not a Nato ally. Nato is supposed to respond to attacks against its members. Turkey is a Nato member, but why did the alliance failed to respond to the Israeli attack on Turkish citizens on the MAVİ MARMARA boat? Why did not it take any action to prevent the raid?   

Poland and the Czech Republic opposed the project. We should also oppose it. I am calling on the government. Do not give into pressure. We as the people stand by you.”

Yıldırım warned that the Lisbon summit could be a bad start for the entire Islamic world and said “The proposal that is made to Turkey under the auspices of Nato is in reality the job of a guard. Turkey is coming under increasing pressure to approve the missile shield project of Nato, which has long been shaped by imported threat perceptions. In this case, Turkey will have to choose between two different missions, one being the continuance of zero problem policy with its neighbors and the other being the role of a Nato pawn that will pit it against the Muslim world. We want Turkey to favor its neighbors.”

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