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We are forming a “human shield” for Gazans

IHH launched a signature campaign in front of the Israeli embassy to go to Gaza to become “human sheilds”

The humanitarian situation in Gaza which was already bad has now reached an intolerable level with 80 percent of civilizans killed from attacks in land, air and sea. So far, over 50 children were martyred proving that Israel is deliberately targeting, attacking and killing civilians.Israel's new strategy is not only to target resistance fighters but to also seek revenge on them by targeting, destroying and killing their families and loved ones. We understand this by Israel’s attacks on majority of resistance fighters’ families or their relatives homes. So far, more than 1,000 homes belonging to Palestinian civilians were razed to the ground. The number of deaths are continuously increasing and the number of injured are close to 2,000.

All over the world the people of conscious have come together in solidarity with the Gazans. It’s now time for everyone who wants to do something for their brothers to take action.The protests in front of the Israili embassies in every city and country we are found in to support the Palestinians are kept as a vigil.

We are inviting all our people who have a conscience to come in front of the occupier Israeli embassy and sign the petition to form a "Human Shield.”


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