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Health support to Yemeni patients

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has organised eye examinations and distributed glasses to a thousand children; it has also delivered wheelchairs and crutches to 330 disabled civilians who were injured by the civil war in Yemen
17.10.2018 Humanitarian Relief

There are now17 million people in dire need of emergency aid in Yemen, where 4.8 million of them are struggling with hunger. The continuing war would only mean that the humanitarian crisis there is increasing on a daily basis. The people in Yemen are currently dependent on international aid to survive because the health services in particular have come to a halt. IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation still continues its aid efforts in Yemen. With every crisis that surfaces, IHH is increasing its aid efforts to provide support to the victims of the country. With the contributions of donors IHH has provided health and medical support to a total of 1 thousand 330 patients.


Aid works have been carried out in Taiz, Marib, Sana’a and Al-Jawf regions. IHH held eye examinations and distributed glasses to a thousand children in need, also distributed wheelchairs and crutches to 330 individuals who were disabled or harmed due to the civil war in the country.

IHH’s aid efforts in Yemen will continue until this crisis ends.


Because the Yemeni people are in need of aid

Those who wish to contribute to supporting the Yemeni people can donate 5TL by texting YEMEN via SMS to 3072. Larger donations can be made via our online donations by visiting IHH’s website or via IHH’s bank account numbers by stating the code YEMEN.    


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Change in cost of opening water wells
Until the present, with the support of our donors IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has opened more than 7 thousand water wells. As a part of this project we have provided drinking water to almost 2.5 million people all over the world.
6 permanent works from Turkey to Moro
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation opened 2 orphanages, 1 primary school, 1 mosque, 1 dining hall and a water well on the Mindanao Island with the participation of Murad Ebrahim, leader of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.
Rebirth of the burnt hostel in Tanzania
Upon requests from the region, IHH restored the building of a hostel belonging to a school in the Kakangaga village in Tanzania that was totally destroyed by a fire.


  • We are about to freeze to death, help us!
    In the Arsal region in northeastern Lebanon, the camps where Syrian refugees were sheltered were completely covered by snow. Calls for help are rising from the area where the deaths by exposure can occur.
  • Immediate Aid to 345,000 Yemeni in 2018
    Thanks to the supports of benefactors, IHH transmitted immediate aid to 345.000 needy people in Yemen, where 21 million people suffer from food shortage and 10 million people need immediate aid.
  • 11,000 cataract surgeries in 2018
    In 2018, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation realized 11,238 cataract surgeries with the support of benefactors and contribute people to see again.
  • Winter aid from Turkey to Yemen
    As a part of our “A Warm Kindness” campaign, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation distributed aid of blankets and coats to 1 thousand 150 Yemeni families.
  • Tidings for Syrian students
    In view of the urgent need due to worsening weather conditions, as a part of a maintenance and repair project IHH restored the Asbat School in the Syrian city of Idlib.