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Palestine waits urgent help

Israel is continuing to kill demonstrators protesting the Great Catastrophe and the US decision to move its embassy to Al-Quds. 110 people have been killed and around 5 thousand injured in the protests that have continued for Almost 8 weeks.

In the 70th year of Israeli occupation in Palestine, the US moving its embassy to Al-Quds has increased Israeli terror even more. The Zionist regime that has been opening fire on demonstrators peacefully protesting the US decision for 8 weeks, has killed 110 and injured almost 5 thousand people since the protests began.

IHH’s emergency aid efforts

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is taking action to deliver medical aid to the wounded and humanitarian aid to the families of martyrs.

In the first stage, IHH plans to;

-Give financial support to those wounded and families of those martyred by Israeli soldiers during the Great March of Return,

-Provide medical support to hospitals and healthcare centers treating the wounded.

Gaza will not be forgotten at Ramadan

Gaza, which is Israel’s main target, will benefit from IHH’s Ramadan aid efforts. As a part of the Ramadan aid works in Gaza, IHH plans to;

-Provide daily iftar meals to 1 thousand 500 people,

-Deliver food aid to 4 thousand 375 families,

-Distribute fitr and zakat contributions to thousands of families.

IHH also plans to continue the installation of solar energy panels in the Jenin Hospital in Gaza where the electricity supply is frequently cut off by Israel. 

Palestine News

Gazan martyr’s children entrusted to IHH
IHH began to provide support to the 5 orphaned children of Fadi Abu Salah, who was martyred by Zionist Israel military forces in Palestine during the Great March of Return, by including them in the Orphan Sponsorship System.
Al-Quds is the capital of Muslims
A march, under the slogan “Al-Quds is the capital of Muslims!” was held in Taksim on the 8th anniversary of Israeli attack on Mavi Marmara ship.
Palestine is waiting urgent help
Since the 30th of March, more than a hundred Palestinians have been martyred and thousands have been wounded after the Zionist Israel opened fire on the peaceful demonstrators. IHH has taken action to provide support to the hospitals, medical assistance to the wounded and humanitarian aid to the martyrs' families.