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450 thousand hero 2 million favor

02.07.2016 Turkey


The humanity has been facing with gigantic crises after the World wars of the previous century. The humanity who has been suffering from wars, violence, natural disasters, hunger, and poverty is struggling to survive from the war among the global powers. In our World, in which every year 250 million people are affected from economic and social crisis while 100 million people suffers from natural disasters, totally 60 million people are displaced from their houses now due to the violence.

The ninth of the World population, in other words 795 million people, are struggling with hunger while tons of bread go to the waste every day in big cities. World arms trade expands dramatically despite the fact that many people unable to reach drinking water. Rights and freedom violations increasing contrarily to the expressions in the international agreements. The oppressors are not judged fairly. Social justice should have available in every countries, but the endless exploitation of the powerful states over the people still continue.

Despite all, there are people who try to solve these problems. IHH delivered aid to people who suffer from disasters and oppression at the amount of 328.333.087 Turkish Liras last year. 450 thousand people donated IHH 2 million and 230 thousand times in 2015.