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Dream of an Orphan

26.11.2019 , Qurbani Nepal


Dream of an Orphan

When the plane landed after an 8-hour journey, the heat of Katmandu instantly hit my face. For me, the heat that I am not accustomed to meant meeting new people and witnessing new stories. We are traveling to different villages in Nepal for 5 days. When we reached a certain village, the villagers were already waiting for us excitedly. They invited us to their homes and served us. I did not experience any difficulty; it was as if I visited a village in Anatolia. As we delivered the qurban meat to people in need, our ties of brotherhood became even stronger. It is important for them to know that we are supporting them in this country where they are a minority. We learned that there was an orphaned family in the last village that we visited. There we meet two brothers who lost their father due to cancer: Amir is 10 while Abbas is 12 years old. Their mother was sitting in the corner of the garden cooking the qurban meat we distributed earlier on a small gas stove. When their father died, their uncle took them under his care. But because they are a large family, they are struggling to get by on money he earns from the factory where he works. Abbas likes playing cricket and Amir want to be a pilot when he grows up. His dream of being a pilot thrilled me immensely. We gave each of the children a toy and left. I can still remember the shine in Amir and Abbas’ eyes.

                                                                                                                                Serdar Gürçay/Nepal 2019