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What is the new type of coronavirus? What is IHH doing?

23.03.2020 Turkey


COVID 19, a new type of coronavirus that has been affecting the world in recent days.

Its symptoms were first detected in a group of people in China's Wuhan province in December 2019. On January 13, 2020, it was identified as a new pandemic disease that affected the whole world. COVID 19 has similar characteristics to SARS and some types of colds.

The virus, which has been affecting the whole world for months, has caused more than 20 thousand people in the world to lose their lives and caused a pandemic alarm. Although it has come to our country late, its influence has been increasing day by day. The virus has killed tens of our citizens since March 18, 2020, according to Health Ministry data.



How Can You Protect Yourself From the Outbreak?



The best way to avoid coronavirus, which is 30 times more contagious than other viruses, is to pay heed to hygiene and social isolation. The 14 articles recommended by the Ministry of Health should be strictly adhered to.



COVID 19 most affects the elderly and those with chronic diseases. So, how should we protect them from the virus?

 We need to reduce physical contact.

We have to make sure they don't break away from the outside world through television and radio.

We should make regular phone calls so they don't feel lonely, and if possible, we make a video call.

We must share with them the latest and final information.

We need to help them to maintain their medical care and treatment.

We need to tell them what to do in an emergency.

We need to observe their needs and moods and help reduce their stress.


Ways to Protect Your Relatives from the Coronavirus Outbreak:



Our foundation established a safety and health committee to fight coronavirus and to take all necessary measures. However, we provide assistance to the chronically ill and elderly people in Turkey. We continue to reach those in need through our partners around the world.

We are starting our Ramadan activities early within the scope of coronavirus measures. We have advanced our planning for the distribution of 75 thousand food parcels throughout Turkey. In the first place, we will distribute food parcels to 15 thousand families in need of care at home and hygiene packages to 5 thousand families.



This virus affects most elderly and chronic patients. With our volunteers in 81 provinces, we visit and meet the needs of the elderly, sick and needy people who cannot leave their homes. Let us support them together with your donations, let us overcome these difficult times together.