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Land of churches with no goers: Macedonia
On the way to Sllupcan Cemetery he asked with his rusty Turkish: "Is it better tol ive in the palace or in the prison?" Although I thought what kind of question is that I have noticed that there would be a wisdom behind it and replied as ‘of course palace’.
06.06.2016 , Ramadan Macedonia
“I’m happy”
I am far away from home. Perhaps I am writing these as I mover over paddy fields, or over one of these roads where we left our souls. Don’t mind about the distances, or the fact that you are speaking different languages. Only remember this: we are brothers.
18.04.2016 , Orphan Bangladesh
A story of conversion
We set on the road to open the mosque built by our foundation in Dora village which is over 300 km.
In war everything is a lie except death
As I walk around the rubble while the gunfire is heard in the background in Aleppo which is now a ghost city I am reminded of sequences from the film “Pianist.” That awardwinning movie produced in 2002.
07.03.2016 , Refugee Syria
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