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To the attention of those who would like to donate from abroad!


1. In order to provide more reliable, fairer services IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation requests certain personal information to be able to reach our donors, volunteers and those in need when necessary, and to assess the demands of people in need in a more reliable way.

2. I consent to the use, processing and collection of my personal data that I provided in this form to IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, and any information I may give in the future via other means which is also classified as personal data under Law on the Protection of Personal Data, to be used singly and/or combining this with other personal data for the mentioned or similar purposes, and for this to be shared to a relevant third party or organization by IHH or to contact me via SMS, internet, letter, telephone etc.

3. Until further written notice, I agree to the collection, processing and use of my data in accordance with the purposes and that classified as similar purposes stated above, and as the means of any contact with myself. I accept that the existing application will continue until I give further written notice regarding my choice of sharing data.

4. I accept and declare that I have been informed of all my rights to learn whether or not my personal data has been processed, request information if my data has been processed, learn the purpose of processing my personal data and whether this data was used in accordance with its purpose, request rectification in case of personal data being processed incompletely or inaccurately, request DELETION OR DESTRUCTION of personal data within the framework of Law on the Protection of Personal Data no: 6698.