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To the attention of those who would like to donate from abroad!

Why password messages are not received?

If you have not received a sms there might be several reasons:

1. No account matching your information

When the information you have provided does not match an account we do not disclose it in order to protect the privacy of our donors.

2. Sms messages from IHH blocked by your GSM line

GSM operators have settings that allow receiving sms from certain corporations and block others. If sms from IHH is not allowed in the settings of your GMS line or if it was allowed before and blocked later on you cannot receive sms from IHH. You need to contact your operator (Turkcell, Vodafone, Turk Telekom) to solve the problem.

3. Emails from IHH might have gone to Spam/Junk/Unimportant folders in your mailbox

Please check junk/spam/unimportant folders in your mailbox. If emails from IHH end up in one of those you need to tick IHH emails as “not Spam” to solve this problem.

4. A temporary problem in IHH’s server

During office hours we check the servers regularly. However if a problem occurs after office hours we may not be able to take action and solve it immediately. You can wait for a while until next working day starts for us to take care of the problem.