IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation was set up to deliver humanitarian aid to and make any effort to prevent violation of basic rights and freedoms of people who have been hard-up, fallen victim do a disaster, affected by war, natural disaster and similar calamities, wounded, crippled, oppressed or left hungry and homeless no matter where in the world. Activities of the foundation began as voluntary efforts in 1992 and were institutionalized in 1995.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, which has reached out to 135 countries and regions in five continents, prioritizes while carrying out its mission spread of sharing, solidarity, and brotherhood feelings, and does numerous social and cultural activities to this end.

In the pursuit of materializing its goals IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation prioritizes:
• War-hit and post-war regions
• Disaster zones
• Impoverished countries and regions.


• Acting with the motive of brotherhood, we aim at providing all needy and disadvantaged people wherever they happen to be with a dignified life through extending humanitarian aid they need to let justice and good deeds rule on the Earth.
• Taking any actions to fight violation of each and every person’s basic liberties and human rights and to counter any policy and practice that make people dependent on aid.
• Taking an active role in solving international crisis for what interstates diplomacy is not inadequate; taking necessary steps in protecting civilians, finding missing persons, setting captives free, and ending the crisis; conducting humanitarian diplomacy by using its own communication channels and mobilizing all relevant civil/official parties in order to raise awareness of public opinion, and to value human life above international interests.
• Safeguarding unchanging values at a changing world.
• Perpetuating good deeds anytime and anywhere.


• Removing the negative effects of wars and natural disasters and helping individuals and societies resume their daily life and become self-sufficient.
• Creating collective consciousness through leading aid efforts and establishing cooperation among countries and organizations worldwide.
• Empowering individuals and institutions of societies that have become dependent on aid.
• Reaching crisis regions in the most efficient and fastest way to minimize losses.
• Creating long-lasting solutions through permanent projects.
• Contributing to fighting poverty and establishing social justice.

Code of Conduct

• Leading in our field
• Being transparent
• Acting as an arbitrator
• Voicing problems of the disadvantaged
• Being a bridge between societies
• Making best use of entrustments
• Contributing to the spread of justice and rule of law
• Emphasizing service rather than brand or title
• Contributing to the reconstruction of a just world free from exploitation
• Helping any individual and community irrespective of their religion, language or race

Memberships of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation

•Membership to the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) with the consultative status
• Membership to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Humanitarian Forum
• Membership to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) with the consultative status
• Membership to The Humanitarian Forum
• Membership to the Council of International Organizations for Relief in Iraq
• Membership to the Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW)
• Membership to the Turkish Foundation for Volunteer Organizations (TGTV)

Awards given to IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation

• “Humanitarianism in war and peace” medal by General Directorate of Red Crescent (2012)
• Human Rights Award by International Joint Culture Youth Council (COJEP) (2010)
• Turkish Parliament Award of Honor (2007)
• Ashiyana Orphanage (PAKISTAN) was granted “Best Project ever Achieved” by the Turkish General Directorate of Foundations (2006)
• Women Education Institute (SOMALIA) was granted “Best Project ever Achieved” by the Turkish General Directorate of Foundations (2006)
• Mobile Hospital (IRAQ) was granted “Best Project ever Achieved” by the Turkish General Directorate of Foundations (2006)
• Award of “Foundation that makes best use of its resources” by the Turkish General Directorate of Foundations (2005)