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About one billion people in the world do not have access to clean and potable water.

In sub-Saharan countries where there are difficult living conditions due to climate and geopolitical conditions, people need to struggle in various ways to survive. Water shortage and drought, the main problems in the region, place the poor people into a difficult position. People living in this region have to cover long distances every day to have access to water. Drinking unclean water leads to epidemics in the region, causing thousands of people to lose their lives.

In order to address the water shortage problem in Africa, the IHH launched the water wells project as part of which over 6,000 water wells have been opened so far.

With your donations, you can also sponsor a water well in Africa. It takes six to twelve months to open a water well in African countries. Once the well-opening projects are launched, teams from the IHH regularly make inspections at the digging sites. The cost of digging a water well varies according to the country and the depth of the well. The minumum cost of digging a well is $4,000.

Average cost of digging a water well in certain countries

1. Chad

• Cost of a water well: 4.000 USD (35–75 m.)

2. Somalia

• Cost of a deep well: 75.000 USD (250–300 m.)

3. Somalia

• Cost of a water well: 4.000 USD (30–70 m.)

4. Kenya

• Cost of a water well 4.000 USD (25–30 m.)

5. Sudan

• Cost of a water well 5.000 EUROS (70–100 m.)

6. Burkina Faso

• Cost of a water well 6.000 EUROS (60–85 m.)

7. Gana

• Cost of a water well 4.000 USD (35–55 m.)

8. Sri Lanka 

• Cost of a water well 4.000 USD (15–20 m.)