Our country has gone through hard times due to coronavirus. We deliver aid to those who suffer from chronic illnesses, the elderly and the needy. We do our part to keep families cared for during this harsh period. IHH’s Caravan of Kindness is getting ready for those in need in different regions of Turkey and other countries of the world. You can present your zakat, Zakat al-Fitr, food parcels, and orphan clothing gifts to our Caravan of Kindness.

A few ways to reach the needy during Ramadan; 

Like every Ramadan, this year IHH’s Caravan of Kindness will set off to the Muslims who are in need
in different parts of the world.
You can place your zakat to participate in this caravan. 



With your donations, we prepare Ramadan food parcels to be delivered to various parts of the world,
in the hope that each food parcel would be able to meet the monthly food needs of a family.



Entrust your Zakat al Fitr with us and we will distribute it to those who need it most on the day that
every Muslim should spend with joy. 




Ramadan is better if there is an iftar table waiting for you.
 This year, you can gather thousands of Muslims brothers and sisters in need on the same table of kindness for iftar. 



 You can also present the clothing to the orphan children who miss the Eid most.
Put a smile on their faces on the day that should be celebrated by every Muslim.



In 2019 Ramadan Journey, IHH;

in 5 continent 

in 120 countries and regions, along with Turkey 

reached 1.570.795 people.

With your support and donations; 

226.795 food parcels were delivered, 1.213.131 people were benefitted from these parcels.

221.692 people were given iftar dinner.

Zakat, Zakat al-Fitr, and fidyah were delivered to 60.810 people in need.

75.152 orphans were presented with festive clothes.


Iftar under Siege

Iftar under Siege

The war in Syria continues with all its ruthlessness, without ending. On the other hand, daily life continues under difficult conditions. Syrian people have not been able to live Ramadan blessings as before for years, festivals are not passing well as before. Despite all these, our foundation is trying to deliver the necessary food, clothing, shelter and other basic needs to the oppressed people in Syria. Our charity work in Syria also continued this month of Ramadan just like every year. Only during the month of Ramadan, 30 millions of bread and 150 thousand food parcels were delivered to the needy people in Syria. 

Also during this month, 3 million people were given iftar dinner. As a result of diplomatic negotiations, works were carried out also in the regions under siege. One of the regions was Eastern Ghouta where people wanted fatwa for eating cat and dog meat in the past years. During the month of Ramadan, food parcels were delivered to the families in the region, 120 thousand people were delivered iftar dinner at dinner tables that were set up for iftar.


We were there

Even if They Can’t See They Know

My journey began with the idea…that there are children that have sight impairment in Malawi; they lived in difficult conditions, so I had to meet them and see what can be done…I reached Africa in the first days of Ramadan. When I entered the training center I was welcomed by a completely different world. I entered the lives of children who saw with their hands, who recognized everything by touching and I spent a week with them. I watched them with amazement. They read the Qur’an by touching it with their hands. Some had memorized the Qur’an and they performed the tarawih prayers throughout Ramadan and finished the entire Qur’an. They were so pleased that we came. We conveyed your greetings to them and they were so happy.

Their iftaar meal is possible with your donations, and during our visit we broke our fast together. They could not see us, nor you. But your love, friendship and greetings have reached them. What a great blessing it is to bring them joy.

Abdullah Kibritçi, Malawi, Ramadan 2019


    Grandma Zubeyde Awaits Our Arrival

When we began distributing aid, grandma Zubeyde came over to us. She told us that she was 99 years old. Actually she came to see us as visitors from Turkey. When I heard she was fasting I was even more surprised. She said, “What’s the matter, I am still strong.”

I asked grandma Zubeyde about the Ramadans of the past. She said Ramadan was better now because there was togetherness. She explained the beauty of being together in Ramadan. She said she would welcome visitors that never forget to come by in every Ramadan. This year you could see how happy she was to meet us from the look in her eyes. She kept praying both for us and our donors. After we had iftaar together, we set out on our journey back. Accompanied by the prayers of grandma Zubeyde we totally forgot the tiredness of the first day of our mission.

Mustafa Olgun, Patani, Ramadan 2019    

  • How does IHH prepare for the month of Ramadan?

    Determining the countries to visit
    The countries where IHH has worked in the past years are submitted to an examination by the commission established for the Ramadan activities. A road map is prepared by evaluating also the new crisis areas that have emerged during the year.

    Organizing the teams
    The teams that will serve in the designated countries usually consist of 3-4 people. In the teams, there are also journalists and writers to share the situation of the region with the public as well as the foundation staff, volunteers from various professional groups, housewives and students

    Preparations of the partner organizations
    IHH has no branches abroad, except Turkey. Conducting its activities from the central office in Istanbul, IHH carries out its relief works through local organizations. Our partner organizations are informed before Ramadan and the necessary preparations are initiated.

    Preparation of the teams and duty process
    Before the trips, reports and critical information about the countries are conveyed to the teams that will carry out the duties, with the meetings held at the central office of the foundation. The activities carried out through the duty periods in the working areas are conducted directly by IHH teams.

    Feedback and reporting
    In the meetings held with the IHH teams who complete their work in the destination countries and returned to Turkey, the experiences gained in the region, observations and problems are conveyed; the needs are reported. The reported data is evaluated and projected by the country desks of IHH.