We have reached another eid together in the 29th year of our journey of goodness… Thanks to your support, this year we sent your greetings and the blessings of Ramadan to the various geographies in the world.

We thank you on behalf of orphans and people in need whom

you touched their lives within these rough times.

May our Eid Mubarak.


During the journey of Ramadan 2021, IHH;

Has reached more than 2.6 million people in

56 countries of the world.


With your supports and donations;

We delivered 303 thousand 288 food packages, and 1 million 518 thousand 713 people in need benefited from these food packages.

We delivered iftar and sahur for 296 thousand 234 people and hot meals to 413 thousand 731 people in Syria.

We delivered 28 thousand food items to our homeless citizens, healthcare professionals, and security forces.

We have delivered your zakat, Zakat al-Fitr, and fidyah donations to 151 thousand 673 people.

We gave eid clothing to 140 thousand 209 orphans and children in need in different countries.

We organized iftar and sahur programs for 4,300 orphans during Ramadan in 43 orphanages in 9 countries.

94 thousand 277 people in our country have benefited from food card gifts.