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To the attention of those who would like to donate from abroad!


We are departing for delivering Ramadan blessings to our Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world from Palestine to Syria, Moro to Afghanistan, Iraq to Arakan, Patani to Colombia. Besides the food parcels, fitra and zakat donations of thousands of our philanthropists, we will deliver the iftar dinners to the people in need, make orphan children happy with new festive clothes and bring our permanent works we have built into service. You can help millions of the oppressed, victims and refugees.


You can deliver your zakat donations to the needy people in different parts of the world via IHH. 



IHH take your fitrs to the people who suffer from wars, staying desperately in refugee camps, and those who live in poverty.



Your donations of food parcels that will reach all around the world are prepared to meet the monthly needs of a family. The content of the food parcels is made up of basic  foodstuffs depending on the circumstances of the region. 



We are organizing iftar programs in various regions of the world. You can either offer an iftar dinner to one person or give support to an iftar program in which thousands of people are attending. 



We are donating festive clothes to thousands of orphan children to meet the Eid with new clothes. You can also make an orphan or more happy with your donations. 


In 2017 Ramadan Journey, IHH;

in 5 continent 
in 95 countries and regions, along with Turkey 
reached millions of people.
With your support and donations; 
300.000 food packages were delivered, 2.100.000 people were benefitted from these provisions.
thousands of people were given iftar dinner.
Zakat, fitra and fidya were delivered to 100.000 people in need.
30.000 children were presented with Ramadan Children Packs, 85.000 orphans were presented with festive clothes.

Iftar under Siege

The war in Syria continues with all its ruthlessness, without ending. On the other hand, the daily life continues under difficult conditions. Syrian people have not been able to live Ramadan blessings as before for years, festivals are not passing well as before. Despite all these, our foundation is trying to deliver the necessary food, clothing, shelter and other basic needs to the oppressed people in Syria. Our charity work in Syria also continued this month of Ramadan just like every year. Only during the month of Ramadan, 30 millions of bread and 150 thousand food parcels were delivered to the needy people in Syria. Also during this month, 3 millions of people were given iftar dinner. As a result of diplomatic negotiations, works were carried out also in the regions under siege. One of the region was Eastern Ghouta where people wanted fatwa for eating cat and dog meat in the past years. During the month of Ramadan, food parcels were delivered to the families in the region, 120 thousand people were delivered iftar dinner at dinner tables that were set up for iftar. 


Ramazan Burkina Faso oradaydık

We were there

One-word answer

We were in Burkina Faso. I asked Ibrahim who guided us that : “Was there a war or conflict here?” “No.” “Well, why are there so many orphans then?” “ Because of illnesses”. That was a one-word answer which clarified the question wholly. Drought,  difficulty in reaching the drinking water and inadequate nutrition reduced the average human lifespan to 43 years in this region. It is hard to understand this poverty when it is known that there are plenty of gold and even diamond reserves in the country. Then, only one question came to my mind : “Who are responsible for all these?” Their language is as if giving the answer. French is spoken in the country which has tens of native languages. While some people are seizing all the underground and overland sources of the country, people of Burkina Faso are fleeing to Ghana and Ivory Coasts to survive. As I learn, more responsibilities fall on my shoulders. I understand that we have to work hard and reach more people. We have to make an effort to stop the system that sends the poor’s bread into the rich’s garbage. 

Filiz Tavukçu / Burkina Faso, 2017


Those who are not deceived by numbers and distances

I have been in an African country for the first time in my life. Only 1 million of people are muslims in Zimbabwe out of fifteen million. Fortunately, we have foundations standing by humanity and crossing the cities, countries and continents without being deceived by numbers and distances. In our five-day visit to Zimbabwe, we delivered the safekeeping items sent from Turkey to our brothers and sisters there. In such poverty, IHH wanted to feed both the poor’s bellies and their souls. IHH added the construction of two mosques besides the financial aids. 60 families around the district where Hz. EbuBekir Mosque is located, became muslims and were honored by Islam with the will of Allah. Fortunately, there are those people sharing their own opportunities with the people in need as much as possible, fortunately there are those crossing the continents for the people in need as much as possible.  

Mehmet Yasir Cebeci / Zimbabwe, 2017

  • How does IHH prepare for the month of Ramadan?

    Determining the countries to visit
    The countries where IHH has worked in the past years are submitted to an examination by the commission established for the Ramadan activities. A road map is prepared by evaluating also the new crisis areas that have emerged during the year.

    Organizing the teams 
    The teams that will serve in the designated countries usually consist of 3-4 people. In the teams, there are also journalists and writers to share the situation of the region with the public as well as the foundation staffs, volunteers from various professional groups, housewives and students.

    Preparations of the partner organizations
    IHH has no branches in abroad, except Turkey. Conducting its activities from the central office in Istanbul, IHH carries out its relief works through local organizations. Our partner organizations are informed before Ramadan and the necessary preparations are initiated.

    Preparation of the teams and duty process
    Before the trips, reports and critical information about the countries are conveyed to the teams that will carry out the duties, with the meetings held at the central office of the foundation. The activities carried out through the duty periods in the working areas are conducted directly by IHH teams.

    Feedback and reporting 
    In the meetings held with the IHH teams who complete their work in the destination countries and returned to Turkey, the experiences gained in the region, observations and problems are conveyed; the needs are reported. The reported data is evaluated and projected by the country desks of IHH.