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Chloera without depleting Yemen

19 million Yemenis, who have not survived the effects of civil war in 2015, are in a life struggle. Thousands of people are losing their lives because of the increased cholera outbreak with the heat.

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The orphan population of the World five times high

Orphan children who have lost their parents mainly live in Muslim geography. Human traffickkers or organ mafias were the primary threads which the orphan can face with.

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Around ninth of the World population are hungry

Your zakats are delivered to the oppressed ones in refugee camps or those who are on the way and to the helpless poor who can barely survive.


Every one person out of 10 can not reach to clean water in the world.

Droughts, rapid population growth, and pollution threaten the water resources. Decrease in the water resources will create more problems for the humanity.

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For every 40 thousand people there is only one doctor in Africa.

Cataract which lead to blindness when not cured is widespread in Africa due to poor nutrition and overexposing of sunlight.

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Every one person out of four can not reach to education

Illiteracy is not only affected the lives of the people in poor countries but also ease the explotation of foreign powers among them.

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In most countries Muslims are in minority.

The Christian population in Africa increased from 3 percent to more than 50 percent in fifty years due to the missionary activities.

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Sacrifice - Aqiqah

You want to make a sacrifice when your child born or obtain something that you promised to sacrifice.

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Escape From Masscare

Over 5.000 vehicles and 40.000 people drove in “Open the Way to Aleppo” convoy which was initiated after IHH’s call to open a humanitarian safe passage out of Aleppo for civilians.



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