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To the attention of those who would like to donate from abroad!

Winter months are the hardest for them. Every year thousands of people have to flee their homes due to wars. Thousands of refugees die on the way to safer places.

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Gaza Needs Emergency Aid

Intifadah of Gaza is in its 12th year! People of Gaza under blockade cannot meet many of their own basic needs from health to sheltering, from education to nourishment. Now its high time to iterate our support to Gazan people!

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3 million Idlibian waiting for help

Idlib, a refuge for millions of people who escaped from the conflict, is experiencing difficult times. While threats to the region are continuing, the problems of nutrition and housing are increasing.
The people of Idlib await your support


The orphan population of the World is around 400 million

Orphan children who have lost their parents mainly live in Muslim geography. Human traffickkers or organ mafias were the primary threads which the orphan can face with.

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Every one person out of 10 can not reach to clean water in the world.

Droughts, rapid population growth, and pollution threaten the water resources. Decrease in the water resources will create more problems for the humanity.

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Around ninth of the World population are hungry

Your zakats are delivered to the oppressed ones in refugee camps or those who are on the way and to the helpless poor who can barely survive.


Sacrifice - Aqiqah

You want to make a sacrifice when your child born or obtain something that you promised to sacrifice.

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Thousands of works all over the world

People in poor countries are trying to keep their lives under difficult circumstances. Constructing permanent facilities is a solution to remove these difficult conditions.

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3 water wells 3 women

I do not know my age, my father knew. Before marriage, for my family, after marriage, I carried water for my wife's family...
Three women living in three different regions of Chad told us what changed in their lives after water wells were opened by IHH in last year.



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