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To the attention of those who would like to donate from abroad!

Orphan Sponsorship Application Form

İHH meets the needs of more than 104 thousand orphans in 51 countries through the Orphan Sponsorship System on a regular basis. You can contribute to the education, healthcare, food, clothing, and accommodation needs of an orphan with 20 $ per month.

You can sign in or sign up if you want your information to arrive automatically and follow the status of your application on our website.

Sponsorship Type

From there you can open a new group or join a previously defined group.

Title of the Organization

You can enter the institution name if you are making a sponsorship application on behalf of any company / legal entity (and if you are the owner of the institution / offical representative of hte institution).

You can use the group donation option at the processes made on behalf of groups like schools, classes, public institution employees etc.
Sponsor Person
e-Mail Address
Person in Charge of Payment
Payment Contact Email Address
District of Residence
Neighborhood / Village
Number of Sponsored Orphans
The citizenship / nationality of orphan(s)
Number of Sponsored Scholarships
Öğrencinin Uyruğu / Milliyeti
Sponsorship Period
When the sponsorship period ends
Monthly Donation Amount For one Orphan $
Total monthly donation sum $
Total Sponsorship Cost $
Payment Plan
Donation method

After your application, you can pay by credit card immediately or order a regular payment.

Saygıdeğer bağışçımız;

As the coronavirus epidemic causes negativities all over the world, it also negatively affects our orphan work. We may experience disruptions in obtaining new orphan information due to the measures taken in different countries. In this process, we would like to share that we will receive your orphan sponsorship requests as a free donation for a temporary period in order not to victimize our orphans.

Thank you for your understanding, on behalf of the orphans who hold on to life thanks to you.

Saygıdeğer bağışçımız;

There is a nice saying; 'he took his bread in his hand.' It is used for one to become self-sufficient and able to earn a living. As IHH, we continue to support our children, which we started to support from the age of their orphan age, until they take their bread into their hands. With the Orphan Education Sponsorship, we support our children who are over the age of 18 to continue their education until they gain a profession. Our youth, who have the opportunity to complete their education in this way, stand on their own feet and can contribute to their family, environment and country.

You, too, can help our orphan children, whom we raise together, to their ongoing needs when they are a young girl or a lad, and you can help them realize their dreams by staying with them in their university or vocational education.