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IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation specifies aggrieved, poor and oppressed people in countries and regions and delivers zakat donations to everyone in need.

What is Zakat?

Zakat is the donation made by wealthy Muslims who donate 1/40th of their wealth once a year to people indicated by our religion.

As zakat donations are given, which groups are given priority?

In giving zakat and al-Fitr, relatives in need and other people in need within the community are given priority. However, due to the opportunities that arise because of the age we live in, we are in contact with people in need all around the world. It is now possible for us to begin by meeting the needs of those in dire need first.

Is there a necessity to wait for the month of Ramadan in order to give zakat donations?

There is no need to wait for the month of Ramadan in order to give zakat donations. In order to give zakat, a person must wait 1 year, according to the Islamic calendar, after reaching their minimum wealth. After reaching the minimum wealth, 1 year is then followed and when that time elapses, it is then time to give zakat. There is no requirement to give zakat within the month of Ramadan; however, due to the fact that all acts of worship are rewarded by plenty during the month of Ramadan, it allows for people to give charity within this month.

While giving zakat or al-Fitr, is it necessary to tell those who are on the receiving end?

There is no need to tell the person receiving the donation while giving zakat or al-Fitr. However, it must be specified as to what type of donation it is if donated to a charity.

Can charities act as a medium to deliver zakat donations to places out of our reach?

Charities can act as a medium to deliver donations to countries and regions that cannot be accessed by everyone. Conveyance iskey in zakat and is reputed to the eight classes mentioned in the verse. However, in some cases, the benefactor may not always reach people most in need. In these cases, it is possible to deliver zakat donations to the beneficiaries in faraway lands via the “mandate system.” Namely speaking, if the benefactor wants to deliver his/her donations to those in need in faraway countries, they may give their mandate to a person or a charity to deliver it for them. This person or charity would then deliver his/her zakat donations to those in need in the benefactor’s name.