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Balkans News

Fight against drugs in Europe
IHH Board of Trustees member Osman Atalay made a presentation in a seminar entitled "The Role of Civil Society in Combating Drugs and Addiction", which was conducted by the Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey in Vienna along with various NGOs. The seminar informed the youth about the losses and ways to combat drugs.
22.10.2019 Human Rights Europe , Balkans
Campaign against drugs in Bosnia
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and Alliance of International Doctors (AID) will be launching a Campaign Against Drug Abuse Project in Bosnia.
Freedom Flotilla Is En Route to Gaza
Gaza Freedom Flotilla departing from Italy is on the way to Gaza to draw attention to the blockade of the Gaza Strip.
Winter aid to 7 countries in the Balkans
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered winter aid to 7 countries in the Balkans, distributing food, provisions and other basic needs to almost 5 thousand people.
MotoBosna at Srebrenica Memorial
MotoBosna team organized by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation reached Bosnia after a 4-day travel on land route and participated in Srebrenica memorial events.
Hit the Road to Srebrenica!
On 11th July, the anniversary of Srebrenica Genocide a motor biker team from Turkey organized by IHH will head to Bosnia in order to attend the memorial events commemorating this tragedy.
IHH Launched Ramadan Aid Campaign in the Balkans
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is going to distribute 10.000 food parcels and throw grand iftars for 4.500 people in the Balkans.
IHH Helps Out Two Thousand Refugees in Belgrade
With the support of its charitable donors IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered humanitarian aid to 2.000 refugees who fled from several countries to Serbia’s capital Belgrade.
IHH’s Winter Aid to the Balkans
As a part of the winter aid campaign IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered 64.000 USD worth of relief aid to the Balkans.
IHH Launches Campaign to Fight Drug Abuse in the Balkans
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has initiated a campaign in 6 Balkan countries to fight against drug abuse, which has become a dominant social problem in the Balkans.
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