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IHH aid teams hit roads for Ramadan charity
Aid teams from the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation have hit roads to take Ramadan charity to every corner of the world.
IHH to reach out to five continents 72 countries this Ramadan
IHH is to carry out humanitarian activities in 72 countries and regions, and 74 provinces in Turkey during this year’s Ramadan season.
Orphans take tour on the Bosporus on their last day in İstanbul
We took a tour on the Bosporus with 80 orphans from 14 countries who were in Turkey for the 5th International Orphans’ Get Together Program.
Fraternal bridge across globe with IHH
Teams of IHH are continuing distributing to people in need Qurban donations delegated by charity-givers from Turkey. The teams are delivering donations to 95 countries and regions from Tatarstan where
IHH distributes 37500 Qurbani shares to the needy
Qurbanis, donated to IHH by charitable people from Turkey, have been delivered to those in need. IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation held Qurbani Aid Campaign in 95 regions and countries from the far
Qurbani Campaign 2012
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation will take the meat of Qurbani animals donated to the foundation by charity givers to people in need in more than 100 countries across the world and 66 provinces and
IHH charity efforts at Ramadan
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation carried out relief efforts in 70 countries and regions and 70 provinces in Turkey at this Ramadan, too. Aid teams from the foundation participated in the iftars in t
Mavi Marmara case at the UNHRC
Lawyer Ramazan Arıtürk who is one of the victims onboard the Mavi Marmara international humanitarian aid flotilla delivered a speech at the 16th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNH
Voices from the World on the air
The Voices from the World which enables you to listen to unheard melodies and instrumental music from many parts of the world is now on the air.
IHH's Response to the Israel's Report
IHH gave a respond about the Turkel report which was prepared by Israel on the Mavi Marmara attack. The head of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation Bulent Yildirim, stated that this report was a one-si
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