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Gaza convoy heading for Syria’s Latakia port
Viva Palestina convoy is on its way from Jordan back to Syria, from where it will go to Egypt by sea. It will cross into Egypt through el-Arish port and head for Gaza overland.
Gaza victims remembered
A program was organized by the participants of Viva Palestina convoy in Aqaba to commemorate 1,500 Palestinians who were killed during the Israeli offensive a year ago. Prayers were recited and three-
Israel condemned on Gaza attacks anniversary
Friends of Palestine Platform held a press conference at Istanbul’s Taksim square and protested the ongoing Israeli embargo on the Gaza Strip. The crowd of a thousand protesters expressed support to t
World failed in Aqaba, Mubarak collaborated
International Palestine aid convoy has been waiting for three days in Jordanian city of Aqaba because of Egypt’s deny of entry into its Red Sea port. Egypt’s halt to the convoy that was cheerfully gre
Egypt protested over halt to Gaza convoy
Scores of people protested the Egyptian decision to deny Gaza-bound aid convoy entry after Friday prayers in Jordanian city of Aqaba. Jordanian citizens took part in protest demonstration in support o
Gaza convoy reaches Aqaba port
Viva Palestina convoy, which was launched to break unjust embargo imposed on Gaza and support the Palestinian people, has arrived at Jordan’s Aqaba seaport, from where it will cross into Egypt. The mo
Jordan halts Palestine Convoy
Viva Palestina convoy was stopped at the entrance of the Jordanian capital by the police and was initially refused entry into the city. In reaction the convoy team turned off the vehicles and blocked
Viva Palestina convoy reaches Syria
Gaza-bound Viva Palestina convoy crossed into Syria from the Turkish city of Kilis. Both Turkish and Syrian citizens flocked to the border to welcome the convoy.
Whoever has Palestine in his heart is a Palestinian’
People who are travelling with the Gaza aid convoy have interesting stories. Few of them are Palestinian, but they all say “Whoever has Palestine in his heart is a Palestinian.”
Adana residents donate gold, cash to Gaza
The Gaza convoy received huge support from residents of Adana city. Many residents donated gold and cash to be delivered to the Palestinian people. Women took off their rings and bracelets and donated
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