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Global Report on Children - 2018
This report is based on the view that “one cannot speak of a meaningful life without hope for the future, maturity, and progress”. It aims to reveal how children’s hopes for the future, in terms of their development and progress, are suffocated through the hunger, poverty, abuse and neglect suffered by this most important segment of any society.

This report aims to draw attention to some of the human rights violations children endure all around this ever-globalizing world. These include the heart-breaking state of children kidnapped or deceived by terrorist groups for use in battlefields and the suffering of children in the face of the deadly famines and droughts of Africa.
30.05.2018 Report
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IHH Annual Report 2017
Since IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation was established in 1992, we have continued to operate with
the aim of delivering humanitarian aid to people who are struck by disaster and hardships due to causes such as war, natural disasters and to those who are the victims of oppression, and preventing the isolation of their basic human rights.
16.05.2018 Report
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IHH Annual Report 2016
As IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, we have been working for the last 25 years to
provide the humanitarian aid that is needed by people in dire straits, who are faced with
disaster, victimized in a war, or a natural disaster, or who have experienced violence and
are working towards preventing the violation of fundamental rights and freedoms of these
people anywhere in the world.
09.05.2017 Report
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Cataract that are usually seen in the elderly and cause blindness when not treated is common due to age, poor nutrition, long-term exposure to the sun, and eye trauma in Africa. Cataract affects a significant segment of Africa, especially in the Saharan countries.
08.11.2016 , Cataract
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İHH Annual Report 2015
Our foundation which is delivering aid across five continents, in 135 countries and territories regardless of race, religion and denomination since 1992, has three main areas of operation: humanitarian relief, human rights and human diplomacy. As IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation we also are preparing reports on impending catastrophes, conflicts and wars in order to raise awareness and develop common ideas for solutions and run campaigns to prevent crisis.
15.06.2016 Report
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Syria Report 2014
The crisis in Syria that begun in March of 2011 resulted in the death of over 200,000 people and displaced millions more; this crisis still continues today. This report focuses on the humanitarian aspect of the Syria crisis and IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation’s relief activities in the region and in Syria since the crisis started in 2011 up until today.
10.03.2015 Report Syria
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