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Caring for Patients Makes My Life Better
“I lost my son, but the children in this hospital are like a ray of hope for me. The more I care for them, the more I make them laugh actually makes me feel better.”
02.12.2019 Syria
Language of the Heart
Many people welcomed us with joy. The elderly, youth, women and men were all there waiting for us. I understood their happiness from the look in their eyes.
26.11.2019 , Qurbani
Dream of an Orphan
His dream of being a pilot thrilled me immensely. We gave each of the children a toy and left. I can still remember the shine in Amir and Abbas’ eyes.
26.11.2019 , Qurbani
The “firsts” on a Journey
After the prayer, we exchanged bairam greetings with our brothers. At that time, I noticed that many people from different religions gathered around the square, watching us with interest.
26.11.2019 , Qurbani Albania
3 water wells, 3 women
Three women living in three different regions of Chad told us what changed in their lives after water wells were opened by IHH in last year.
I was the first person she had ever seen
Hudanur, born with cataracts, had not seen anything until his age. After the surgery doctors performed, I opened the bandage on his eyes. I don't know how this happiness can be described. A 7-year-old girl saw her mother, father and the place where she lived for the first time.
09.03.2018 , Cataract
Palestinians: The world’s largest refugee group
The Zionist occupation that started in Palestine, England and USA sponsorship has been going on for 100 years.
13.12.2017 Palestine
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