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3 water wells, 3 women
Three women living in three different regions of Chad told us what changed in their lives after water wells were opened by IHH in last year.
Palestinians: The world’s largest refugee group
The Zionist occupation that started in Palestine, England and USA sponsorship has been going on for 100 years.
13.12.2017 Palestine
Victims of war are given prosthetic limbs
In neighboring countries, there are many people whose limbs were damaged or who are forced to continue life with disabilities. In the Syrian war alone, 2.8 million people suffered physical disabilities. Adding this to the numbers disabled in Iraq and Palestine, this figure exceeds 4 million.
Escape From Masscare
Over 5.000 vehicles and 40.000 people drove in “Open the Way to Aleppo” convoy which was initiated after IHH’s call to open a humanitarian safe passage out of Aleppo for civilians.
10.02.2017 , Refugee Syria , Turkey
They Try to Survive By Eating Ears
Thousands of people live in squalor in refugee camps set up in Chad. Women dry out animals’ ear, bone and skin that were disposed of and try to make meal out of them.
20.10.2016 , Ramadan Chad
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