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I was only three when my father died
Rizkina; Just one of the 100 thousand orphans IHH sponsored for years, until it stood on its own feet. After her father passed away, her life intersected with our foundation, and she was now riveted to never leave.
Vildan's story
As a successful student, Vildan, became a university graduate thanks to a hand that reached her 14 years ago.
The abundance of goodness
I have seen what abundance is, how goodness grows when shared. In the past years, we visited an orphan family who was given a dairy cow as a gift as they could earn themselves a keep.
14.09.2020 , Orphan Ethiopia
We are sisters, right?
Wherever we went, whoever we visited, we made a journey to Pakistan where we were greeted like a president. It made them very happy that we came for them from miles away.
14.09.2020 , Orphan Pakistan
Ripened children with war
The occupation that has been going on for years in this land has injured children the most. Thousands of children lost their families at a young age. Those who have no relatives stay in the orphanages. All their needs from education to health from clothing to food are met. They grow up in healthy and safe environments.
14.09.2020 , Orphan Afghanistan
So glad to have you
I thank Allah, who made me experience those moments. May Allah be pleased with the benefactors who do not leave the orphans and their families alone.
10 year since blessed voyage
On 31 May 2010, the Gaza Freedom Flotilla comprising of the Mavi Marmara, which departed with the aim of delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza, were confronted with an illegal raid and intervention by Israeli military forces.
The joy of being remembered
What pleases me the most is their prayers; while some thank us simply for remembering
them, others burst into tears.
30.03.2020 Turkey
What is the Novel Coronavirus? What does IHH do to Help Fight it?
Our foundation established a safety and health committee to fight coronavirus and to take all necessary measures. However, we provide assistance to the chronically ill and elderly people in Turkey. We continue to reach those in need through our partners around the world.
23.03.2020 Turkey
Fatma's House
Fatma and her family, who had to migrate from Idlib under harsh conditions, settled in one of the living houses.
25.02.2020 Syria
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