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To the attention of those who would like to donate from abroad!

Warm Winter with Blessing

Winter months are the hardest for them. Every year thousands of people have to flee their homes due to wars. Thousands of refugees die on the way to safer places. The surviving ones have to face the freezing cold in the winter. Winter means cold, sickness and death in refugee camps.

Millions of people are in need of boats, blankets and food.

We can reach out to the needy with your support.

Donate For Emergency Winter Assistance


Depending on your budget you can donate the worth of any aid item you would like to send in.

Millions of people around the world are suffering in winter months due to poverty, war, and natural disasters. In addition to the cold weather children and adults are struggling with various sicknesses. Refugees deprived of a cosy place to find shelter the conditions are getting worse and deaths due to cold occur. The winter is hard on especially young children who are trying hold onto life with their feeble bodies. We are trying to provide for what they need to make sure that they sleep in a healthy cosy place

Latest News

The Mavi Marmara trial will be held at ICC
In the International Criminal Court (ICC) in connection with the threats, The Mavi Marmara trial will be held on 1 May.
We will be in 120 countries and regions during Ramadan
IHH has initiated its Ramadan 2019 activities with the “Ramadan is good when we are together” motto. IHH aims to deliver donations to three-million people in 120 different countries and regions during Ramadan.
Orphans need your help
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation will be organizing this year’s Orphan Solidarity Days in September, October and November. This project, that will benefit almost 130 thousand orphans and their families, needs the support and donations of donors.