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Mavi Marmara

Middle East leads the list of places in the world with highest number human rights violations. Millions of people’s lives are constantly under threat while hundreds of thousands people are jailed without any legal precedent. Just like in Syria and Iraq that was plunged into chaos international community turns a blind eye to the human rights violations in Palestine. We have been trying to raise awareness about the violations in this region by carrying out various organizations like Gaza Land Convoy (Head to Palestine) and Gaza Freedom Flotilla which contained Mavi Marmara flagship in order to break the blockade in Gaza, which has turned to an open air prison, along with many people of conscience from around the world.

Gaza Freedom Flotilla which consisted of Mavi Marmara, Sfendoni, Challenger I, Eleftheri I, Eleftheri Mesogios, Gaza I, and Defne Y ships faced the illegal attack and intervention of Israeli military forces on 31.05.2010. During the attack and in its aftermath 10 humanitarian activists lost their lives and 56 of them were heavily injured. Flotilla passengers were detained without any legal justification, injured activists were handcuffed, some of the injured were detained in prison cells for days where they were exposed to torture and mistreatment. Many illegal actions were committed such as all flotilla passengers were mistreated and detained, their personal belongings were confiscated, the ships were damaged. From day one the victim persons and entities as well as third parties took steps to mobilize the national and international legal authorities. In this regard we have filed lawsuits in United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council, International Criminal Court, in countries that have international jurisdiction including Turkey (Belgium, Spain, Italy, South Africa and Sweden) and brought prosecution against the perpetrators. The offences that UN has also confirmed to have taken place are punishable by the way of compensation and trial of perpetrators according to law.

Organizers and participants of Gaza Freedom Flotilla demand the following;

  • Removal of the blockade on Gaza
  • Prosecution and punishment of perpetrators and those political and military authorities who are responsible for the offences to Gaza Freedom Flotilla
  • Compensation of physical damage and mental anguish of all parties