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1,000 cataract operations in Sudan

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation began a project to carry out 1000 cataract surgery operations with its partner organisation Tadamun in Sudan's Darfur.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation began a project to carry out 1,000 cataract surgery operations in Sudan's Darfur.

Within the scope of the program, surgery has begun for the patients detected in the villages and camps in Darfur.

Out of the 1000 patients who were examined, 400 of them already had their operations.  Patients ranging from age 5 to 125, families from villages and camps kilometers away, came to eye hospital in Darfur.

Like many people in Africa, financial difficulties left many cataract patients untreated. IHH has identified about 359 thousand in Sudan alone. Out of the 134 thousand patients examined, 36 thousand of them have already had their surgeries. With the next set of operations, this number will rise for 37 thousand.

Latest News from Humanitarian Relief

Ramadan aid for 60.000 Syrians
Thanks to our donors, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered Ramadan aid consisting of food and hygiene supplies to 60.000 civilians living in Syria’s rural areas of Idlib and Aleppo.
Construction of briquette houses is continuing
2.816 houses have been constructed as part of IHH’s briquette house project in Syria with the slogan “provide Shelter for the Oppressed.”
Aid of Sahur packets to camps
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation distributed sahur packets to 800 aggrieved families living in camps on the outskirts of Azaz, Syria. Almost 4.000 people benefitted from this aid.


  • Ramadan aid to 3 different countries
    As a part of our Ramadan 2020 aid operations themed “Ramadan Together”, IHH distributed food packets, iftar supplies, eid clothing, shopping coupons and zakat to 86.000 beneficiaries in Palestine, Yemen and Libya.
  • An exemplary act by our off-road teams
    IHH Istanbul Search and Rescue Off-Road Volunteer team distributed food and hygiene packets to 300 families in need.
  • Iftar meals to 25.000 orphans in Idlib
    Since the beginning of Ramadan, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has delivered iftar meals to 25.000 orphan children living in the rural areas of the Syrian city Idlib.
  • Daily iftar meals for 2.500 people
    IHH distributed daily hot iftar meals to 2.500 civilians living in the refugee camps on the outskirts of Idlib, Syria.
  • Clothing and hygiene aid to the homeless
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation distributed clothing and hygiene packets to 35 homeless people who are either unable to return to their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic or forced to live on the streets.