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Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation officials made a presentation by participating in the “More Inclusive Coordination for The Global South” panel organized by the International Council of Voluntary Organizations (ICVA).

ICVA organized a panel session at the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) “Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week” titled “More Inclusive Coordination for The Global South.” At the session, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation Coordinator for International Affairs Talha Keskin gave a presentation.

During the panel, contributions to the international humanitarian aid system of human aid organizations in Turkey, Indonesia and China were addressed. How the international aid organizations in countries outside Europe deliver aid; how they interacted with the local societies and actors and formed partnerships, and how they developed relations with the international humanitarian aid actors were discussed.


IHH General Secretary Durmuş Aydın and IHH Deputy Chairman for Foreign Affairs Hasan Aynacı  also attended the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week held in Geneva. 

The Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week is held in Geneva annually

The Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week, aimed at increasing cooperation between UN agencies, NGOs, development agencies and representatives from the private sector is organized annually by OCHA in Geneva.

IHH has been a Member of ICVA for 3 Years

ICVA is an umbrella organization that aims to strengthen humanitarian policies, increase cooperation among NGOs and structure humanitarian aid policies of states and the United Nations in favor of helpless, vulnerable people.  IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has been an ICVA member since 2018. 

Latest News from Humanitarian Diplomacy

A visit from the Maldives to IHH
The Republic of Maldives Minister of Internal Affairs Imran Abdulla visited the IHH Humanitarian Headquarters and exchanged ideas.
A visit from Somalia to IHH
Somali Ambassador to Turkey H.E Jama Abdullahi Mohamed visited the IHH Humanitarian Relief Headquarters.
Collaboration protocol with the Toç Bir-Sen
A collaboration protocol was signed between IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and the Union of Agriculture and Forestry Workers (Toç Bir-Sen) in the fields ranging from agriculture to health, from education to tree planting, and orphan projects to aid operations.


  • A Visit to IHH by the UN
    United Nations (UN) Deputy Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syria Crisis Mark Cutts and colleagues visited the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation headquarters.
  • A Visit to IHH from Copenhagen University
    A group of students and academics from the Copenhagen University International Social Services department visited IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation’s headquarters.
  • Our teams both searched and rescued
    Throughout 2019, IHH Search and Rescue teams, together with 1.905 volunteers, carried out search and rescue missions as well as trainings to prepare them to face potential disasters.
  • Tents for Idlib families
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation provided shelter aid to 135 families forced to migrate to Azaz on the Turkish-Syrian border due to air attacks carried out in the north Idlib in Syria.