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Helping hand of IHH reaches out to Syrians in Urfa

The conflict in Sülük town and surrounding villages in Syria forced 10.000 Syrians to flee and take shelter in Urfa.

IHH delivered food and clean water to thousands Syrian refugees who fled the war and took shelter in Turkish border in Urfa.

The conflict in Sülük town and surrounding villages in Syria forced 10.000 Syrians to flee and take shelter in Urfa.

IHH Urfa Branch distributed food and clean water to the Syrian refugees most of whom are women and children.

Two children died from thirst

IHH Urfa Branch representative Mr. Behçet Atilla reported that they, as IHH mobile team, immediately went to Zenginova village located at zero point to Akçakale-Ceylanpınar border.

Following the clashes, around ten thousand people crossed the border at the temporary border checkpointset up in the village and entered Urfa. Atilla described the following scene he witnessed:

It was a humanitarian tragedy. Women, children, elderly were distraught and suffering from thirst. If what they told me is true two children died of thirst while waiting to cross the border three days ago. We just bought a tank of clean packed water and distributed them to the refugees in the village. We have also distributed baby formula. The crowd that happened while distributing water reminded me Dadaat camp that I have visited in 2011 in Somalia.”

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IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered emergency aid to 820 families in Niger soon after a flood hit the region.
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IHH supplied drinking water to thousands of families with the support of our donors by distributing a thousand tanks of water to the people in Yemen where the humanitarian crisis is continuing.


  • Press Release by Lawyers of Mavi Marmara Victims
    “This is not over yet, we are calling on Judges of the International Criminal Court to step in.”
    The International Criminal Court (ICC) must fulfill its function of serving justice and the international law and stay true to its fundamental roots.
  • COMCEC meeting in Istanbul
    The 35th COMCEC (ISEDAK) Meeting has just been held in Istanbul. IHH General Secretary Durmuş Aydın gave a speech at the meeting titled “Food and Agriculture in Periods of Crisis: NGO’s Emergency Response.”
  • Football with orphans
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation organized a football match for the orphans in the district of Afrin, northwest Syria.
  • “3 permanent works in Niger” are completed!
    IHH Youth has just opened the Rezan El-Najjar Healthcare Center, Mus’ab Bin Umayr Primary School and Omar Muhtar Mosque as a part of the “3 Permanent Works in Niger” project from which thousands of people will benefit.
  • A surprise for oppressed children
    On the occasion of the World Children’s Rights Day, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered various gifts and clothing to the children living in northern Syria and who are forced to work from an early age.