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Humanitarian aid brings a smile on the faces of hundreds

Within the scope of the Orphan Solidarity Days program, IHH Humanitarian Relief foundation put a smile on the faces of 1,442 orphans in Ethiopia.
29.03.2016 , Orphan Ethiopia

Within the scope of the Orphan Solidarity Days program, IHH Humanitarian Relief foundation put a smile on the faces of 1,442 orphans in Ethiopia.

Currently, there are 6 million orphans in Ethiopia who have suffered from disease, poverty and political conflict. Due to the arid climate and lack of education, millions of children are struggling to survive.

Toys distributed to 480 children

IHH has offered a helping hand to more than 800 thousand orphans across the globe in over 135 countries. Within the scope of the "Orphans Solidarity Days" program, 942 orphans in schools across the Siltie Zone-Sankura region received aid. 480 children in the Hulbarg region, located about 185 kilometers away from the capital were given aid packages, stationary and toys. They were also gifted 5 thousand Qur'ans.

100 goats to 50 families

Also, within the scope of IHH's micro finance project, 50 families in the country received 100 goats. Cattle was distributed to 8 orphan families under the orphan families support program. Also, to support families who do poultry farming, 10 families were gifted 25 Turkey's and a cage each. Regional bee farming is a major source of income, therefore 15 families were given a bee hive.

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Pedaling for orphans
IHH Malatya volunteer Ihsan Kılıç will be visiting 13 cities, cycling from Malatya and travelling a total of 500 km to raise “Orphan Awareness.”
Examplary behaviour from Kutahya’s youths
IHH Kutahya’s young volunteers are repairing the homes of disabled people in need with the support of donors.
Syrians manufacture masks in gratitude to Turkey
With the coordination of the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, Syrian women living in Şanlıurfa have begun to manufacture masks to meet the demand in Turkey.


  • Orphan Solidarity Day’s 10th Anniversary
    This year, IHH will celebrate the 10th Orphan Solidarity Day. In commemorating the day, almost 92.000 orphans will benefit from the 236 projects materialized in 25 countries and regions including Turkey.
  • Drinking water for 525.000 people
    Throughout 2020, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation opened 1.311 water wells in 22 countries. With the opening of these water wells throughout the year, drinking water needs for 525.000 people are now met.
  • Food for refugees in Bosnia-Herzegovina
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation distributed food packets to refugees struggling to survive in the Lipa camp in the city of Bihac, Bosnia-Herzegovina.
  • Food aid for Kosovo flood victims
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered food aid to families affected by the floods following heavy rainfalls in the Mamusha province of Kosovo.
  • Cataract surgery for 14.000 people
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation performed cataract surgeries on 14.055 people last year in different countries as part of the “Cataract Surgery Project” carried with the slogan “An Eye Sees the World.”