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IHH Goes to 52 Countries for Qurban

This year as always, IHH will be in Turkey and 52 countries with the slogan “Qurban is a Mercy” with its 28 years of experience to be with the aggrieved. This year’s cost of a qurban is $135.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation’s qurban organization this year is themed “Qurban is a Mercy”. We aim to reach the needy with our qurban organization in Turkey and 52 other countries. IHH organized its first qurban project in Turkey in 1993 with a group of charitable people. In 28 years, IHH has delivered qurban shares to millions of people by visiting tens of countries.

IHH has set this year’s qurban price both locally and abroad. The qurban that you donate to IHH will be performed in the country of your choice among the listed countries and distributed to the deprived and needy. Last year IHH distributed a total of 51.447 qurban shares to more than 2 million people, and our aim is to increase the number this year.

What will we be doing?

As part of its 2020 qurban operations, IHH will deliver qurban donations to those in need in Turkey and 52 other countries. This year, IHH teams will not only deliver qurban shares to our brothers and sisters that can hardly wait for it, but at the same time will also continue to support these people with various projects aimed at improving their living conditions.

Teams will reach beneficiaries under difficult conditions

IHH teams will make every effort to perform the qurban and deliver its meat to the needy. IHH will work together with local humanitarian aid organizations, their representatives and partner organizations abroad. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, health conditions of the countries visited will also be taken into consideration. While some of our teams will travel by plane, others will have to travel by car under difficult conditions in regions where infrastructure is lacking. Despite the difficulties, IHH teams will ensure to deliver the qurban entrusted to them by donors in the countries they visit.

Ties of brotherhood will become stronger  


While delivering qurban shares to the regions in need, IHH embraces the people in those regions to establish a bridge of brotherhood and spread a ray of hope. IHH not only aims to deliver the qurban to Muslims all over the world, but also strengthen the ties of brotherhood and the sense of sharing and solidarity.


Turkey and regions of crisis will be given priority    

As for our qurban beneficiaries, IHH will give priority to the refugee camps, regions suffering from war, natural disasters, chronic famine and poverty; the elderly, orphans, widows, orphanages, schools and hospitals. In this scope, we will prioritize Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Somalia, Yemen, Bangladesh, Arakan and East Turkistan.


Qurban organizations in 52 countries 

Central Asia and Caucasus:  Mongolia, Ukraine (Crimea), Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia (Ajara), Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

Balkans: Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia (Sanjak and Preshova).

Africa: Liberia, Chad, Cameroon, Mali, Benin, Togo, Niger, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Mauritania, Ivory Coast, Burundi, Ethiopia, Uganda, Malawi, Sudan, Somalia, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Mozambique and Djibouti.

Middle East: Yemen, Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria.

Asia: Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand (Patani), India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Philippines (Bangsomoro) and Myanmar (Arakan).


How do we organize our qurban?

-Qurban are purchased by IHH officials according to qurban requirements in the countries and regions in question.   

-Qurban are sacrificed in accordance with Islamic principles.

-The qurban shares are distributed to those in need.

-Donor will receive information regarding qurban via SMS.

How can you donate a qurban?

Donation can be made in person by visiting the IHH headquarters, online via the internet, or by calling our foundation on 0212 631 2121 for more information.



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As a part of our Ramadan 2020 aid operations themed “Ramadan Together”, IHH distributed food packets, iftar supplies, eid clothing, shopping coupons and zakat to 86.000 beneficiaries in Palestine, Yemen and Libya.
Iftar meals to 25.000 orphans in Idlib
Since the beginning of Ramadan, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has delivered iftar meals to 25.000 orphan children living in the rural areas of the Syrian city Idlib.
Daily iftar meals for 2.500 people
IHH distributed daily hot iftar meals to 2.500 civilians living in the refugee camps on the outskirts of Idlib, Syria.


  • Aid to Somali Flood Victims
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered aid to 639 families affected by the floods in Somalia. 3.800 people benefitted from this aid.
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    With IHH’s “Orphan Sponsorship System”, 9.244 Syrian orphans receive regular social cash support.
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    Chairman of the Hungary Islamic Community Zoltan Bolek visited IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation Headquarters and met Osman Atalay, member of IHH Board of Trustees.
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    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation repairs three schools in Iraq’s Mosul for students in the region.
  • Aid to 250.000 people in Yemen
    In the first six months of 2020, IHH delivered emergency aids to 250.000 people in Yemen where the humanitarian crisis is still continuing. This aid was delivered to all regions in Yemen.