Ukrainian Hostages Released with IHH`s Efforts
Two Ukrainian citizens held hostage by Syrian opposition are released as a result of IHH`s efforts.
Syria 25.01.2017

IHH has been carrying out humanitarian relief operations and humanitarian diplomacy since the beginning of events in Syria. IHH Humanitarian Relief Organization has been doing lots of things in the region including delivering food, providing shelter and healthcare as well as education.  On top of that it is engaged with humanitarian diplomacy contributing to the world peace.

In this regard the efforts for the release of two Ukrainian citizens held hostage in Syria brought in the desired results.

According to their own account of events Ukrainian couple O. M (43) and N.M (38) set off from Ukraine in 2013 in order to go to Jerusalem. However, soon after they illegally entered Syria the Syrian opposition had arrested them. The couple, which was held hostage over three years, is recently released as a result of the efforts of IHH.

They Will Be Sent Back Home

The couple was arrested because of the assumption that they were Russian. And since there had been no official attempts from Ukraine for their release they were wrongfully held hostage for over three years.

Following the correspondence with Ukrainian authorities the couple will be sent back to their countries.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Organization has taken active role in the release of 2.130 Syrian civilians arrested by Syrian regime in return of 48 Iranian citizens; in the exchange of 464 wounded civilians in Fua and Zabadani; in the release of Turkish journalists Adem Özköse and Hamit Çoşkun.

Moreover IHH recently received the civilians evacuated from Aleppo and delivered them emergency aid and fulfilled a crucial role in monitoring the evacuations as international observer.

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