IHH visits Ethiopia
IHH aid teams visited Ethiopia as part of a Ramadan campaign. Ethiopia has a symbolic meaning in the history of Islam in that it is the land where Muslims who were forced out of Mecca during the first
Ethiopia 28.08.2010

Aid workers of the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation reached out to thousands of orphans in Ethiopia, which has a population of over 80 million. The IHH distributed food packs in Kofela and Hela regions, and gave clothes and stationery sets to orphans.

Majority of Ethiopians live in rural areas with limited access to clean drinking water because of infrastructural shortages. The IHH has been drilling water wells to overcome the problem. Three new wells were inaugurated in Hawasa region in Ramadan. Locals expressed gratitude to the IHH and the Turkish people over the project.    

IHH teams visited a number of towns in the country and handed out Quran copies to madrasah students in Bole. The official figures put the number of Ethiopian Muslims at 25 percent of the population, while unofficial sources claim higher numbers. 

Quranic education is done at madrasahs set up by local people. Residents of Bole said that they had been receiving funding from various charities, but it was the first time one of them had actually visited the town, and expressed they were happy over the visit.

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