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In 5 days 500 cataract operations in Niger

With the participation of 8 Nigerien doctors and 16 personnel 500 cataract surgeries were performed in 5 days at the Niger Eye Hospital which was established by IHH in Niger.

With the participation of 8 Nigerien doctors and 16 personnel 500 cataract surgeries were performed in 5 days at the Niger Eye Hospital which was established by IHH in Niger.

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has established an eye hospital in Niger's capital Niamey with the cooperation of Islamic Development Bank, TCCA, AID and Niger Ministry of Health within the month of February. With the participation of 8 doctors and 16 personnel a cataract camp has been organized at the hospital.

The camp has continued for 5 days and 100 cataract surgeries were performed each day.

80,000 surgeries in 7 years

The cataract campaign with the slogan "If You See They Will See" which was started in Africa by IHH in 2007 has been a relief to the eyes of 80,000 people.

Within the past 7 years in Africa 700,000 health checks were conducted, 297,000 eye examinations and 80,000 people had surgery.

Cataract in Africa

One percent of the 1.5 billion Africans are disabled, however, half of the 10 million disabled are cataract patients. A cataract is a clouding of the lens of the eye that can impair vision, if left untreated it can cause blindness.

The cause of cataract disease is inadequate and unhealthy nutrition, clean water and hygiene problems, continuous exposure to solar UV radiation and most importantly the lack and absence of doctors.
In Africa on average there is one doctor for every 1.5 million people. Cataract is also a case seen in newborns. If untreated it causes blindness. Many people are trying to continue their lives in the dark simply because they cannot have a simple operation that only takes 15 minutes.

Hot weather, lack of nutritional conditions and treatment facilities causes the cataract to transform to blindness.

IHH's cataract campaign

The campaign that is maintained by IHH is a relief to the eyes of many people, and on the other hand it is continuing to construct eye clinics and providing the opportunity to educate eye doctors.

The eye hospitals and clinics that have been established in Sudan and Niger has been the hope of hundreds and thousands of people.Just by donating $100 to "If You See They Will See" campaign, you will not only illuminate eyes but also the darkness of a persons world, a person who you do not know the name of or the address who lives one the other side of the world.

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Aid to Tell Abyad and Rasulayn
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered humanitarian aid to 2 thousand families in Tell Abyad and the center and rural areas of Rasulayn, Syria.
21 Tons of fruit for orphans
With the support of farmers in Bursa, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered 21 tons of fruit to families living in tent cities in the northern part of Syria.
Assistance to civilians of Tel Abyad
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation provided humanitarian aid to civilians in Tel Abyad district center, which was freed from terrorism within the scope of the Peace Spring Operation.


  • Press Release by Lawyers of Mavi Marmara Victims
    “This is not over yet, we are calling on Judges of the International Criminal Court to step in.”
    The International Criminal Court (ICC) must fulfill its function of serving justice and the international law and stay true to its fundamental roots.
  • COMCEC meeting in Istanbul
    The 35th COMCEC (ISEDAK) Meeting has just been held in Istanbul. IHH General Secretary Durmuş Aydın gave a speech at the meeting titled “Food and Agriculture in Periods of Crisis: NGO’s Emergency Response.”
  • Football with orphans
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation organized a football match for the orphans in the district of Afrin, northwest Syria.
  • “3 permanent works in Niger” are completed!
    IHH Youth has just opened the Rezan El-Najjar Healthcare Center, Mus’ab Bin Umayr Primary School and Omar Muhtar Mosque as a part of the “3 Permanent Works in Niger” project from which thousands of people will benefit.
  • A surprise for oppressed children
    On the occasion of the World Children’s Rights Day, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered various gifts and clothing to the children living in northern Syria and who are forced to work from an early age.