Konya AYDER Orphanage opened in Pattani
Started as a co-project by IHH and it's local partner in Turkey AYDER last Ramadan, KONYA AYDER Orphanage completed and opened the service in this year's Ramadan. The orphanage will provide shelter to
South Asia, Patani 03.08.2012

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is carrying on humanitarian activities in 72 countries and regions as well as 78 provinces in Turkey as part of its Ramadan campaign. As part of the campaign, aid teams of IHH and Konya AYDER Association delivered donation from charitable people to Pattani, which is under pressure of Thailand.

The two agencies started the construction of an orphanage the previous Ramadan in Pattani, where there are about 20,000 orphan children, and inaugurated the complex in this year’s Ramadan month. The orphanage will shelter 100 children, whose every need will be met. In this way, local children will be protected against dangers.

Aid teams were sent to Pattani to ease the suffering of and meet the needs of our Muslim brothers and sisters who are struggling to survive under pressure, torture and oppression by the Buddhist Thai government. Within the scope of Ramadan activities, around 1000 families were provided food packages. In addition, widows and families of Muslims killed in the conflict were offered cash donations to suffice for a month.

IHH teams came together in the evenings with orphans, families of orphans and Pattani inhabitants in need to have iftar meals. Pattani Muslims said that only IHH and AYDER had stood by them, adding “They reminded us the Ottomans again, because Abdul Hamed II never left us without a governor or mufti. He sent us all kinds of assistance. Your help reminded us the fraternal relations between our ancestors and your ancestors.”

People of Pattani, where 20,000 orphans live, requested from charitable people of Turkey to build a 12-classroom school and a masjid in the region in order to practice their faith and preserve their culture.

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