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Syrians manufacture masks in gratitude to Turkey

With the coordination of the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, Syrian women living in Şanlıurfa have begun to manufacture masks to meet the demand in Turkey.
26.03.2020 , Şanlıurfa Syria , Turkey

Syrian trainees at the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation Vocational Training Center in Şanlıurfa’s Eyyübiye province have taken action to support the measures employed by Turkey against the coronavirus. Syrians at the center have begun manufacturing reusable masks made from protective silk material. As much as 10 men work at the center as well as 15 women volunteers.


In a statement, representative of the center Syrian Muhammad Saha said he has been living in Turkey for almost 7 years. Explaining that the people are trying to take every kind of measure to protect themselves from the virus, Saha said that a majority of the people are in need of masks. Pointing out that these masks are manufactured by the women working in the center, Saha continued:

“We are a group of Syrians that volunteer for IHH. We are trying to meet the basic needs of the people. Our brothers and sisters in Turkey have helped us a great deal until today, and at the present, we are able to do something simple for them, and I could only wish that we could have done more.  What we are doing is nothing compared to what our Turkish brothers did, they opened their doors and hearts to us. We are distributing these masks to the poor and orphans, Turkish and Syrian, with no discrimination. We would like to thank everyone who is donating and supporting our mission. We will continue to help those in need for as long as the support continues.”


“We are manufacturing these as a debt of gratitude”

Women working at the center explained that they leave their children at home and work long hours as volunteers. These women who said Turkey helped them a great deal when they first came from Syria said, “Now we are trying to do what we can for Turkey, as a way of paying our debt of gratitude.”


“We manufacture a thousand masks a day”

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation Şanlıurfa Representative Behcet Atilla said the center is regularly disinfected, and that workers are extremely careful regarding hygiene and wear masks and caps when manufacturing the masks. Atilla, who explained that the masks are manufactured under the control of the Governorship and Provincial Health Department added, “We produce a thousand masks a day here with our Syrian volunteers. These masks will be distributed to the orphans and poor families. If necessary, our organization will increase production according to their needs. I want to thank our Syrian brothers and sisters that leave their children at home and come to manufacture masks during these difficult times.”

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Syrians manufacture masks in gratitude to Turkey
With the coordination of the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, Syrian women living in Şanlıurfa have begun to manufacture masks to meet the demand in Turkey.


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