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World famous barristers give strong warning to ICC

World famous barristers and scholars unite powers for Mavi Marmara case. The group of UK lawyers including Milošević-prosecutor, Professor Sir Geoffrey Nice QC, Rodney Dixon QC, Paul Mylvaganam and American lawyer Haydee Dijkstal confirm today that they are representing Mavi Marmara victims in International Criminal Court.

The legal team came together to make a press meeting in London today and shared the details of their meeting with ICC Prosecutor held earlier this month.

Sir Geoffrey who talked as the spokesperson of the legal team in the meeting, said that they warned the Madam Prosecutor over a new decision that can be controversial as well.


Sir Geoffrey Nice QC noted that in May 2013 a state referral was made on behalf of Comoros –under whose flag the Mavi Marmara M/V was sailing – to the International Criminal Court requesting the initiation of an investigation but one year on from this referral no decision has been made as to whether the Prosecutor of the ICC will commence an investigation.

“The Prosecutor’s office raised concerns in respect of the ICC’s jurisdiction and admissibility, and the legal team has not hesitated to provide further submissions and evidence to assist the Prosecutor to reach a correct decision.” he said.


Sir Geoffrey noted that the ICC has a duty entrusted to it by the international community to administer justice and added “It is the position of the victims through their lawyers that the Prosecutor should be conducting a full investigation into the events on the Mavi Marmara M/V.’’


Sir Geoffrey asserted that this decision about whether to investigate in this case – or not to investigate may be seen as a test for ICC:

"Many will argue that the decisions will be indicative of its real standing as an international court of criminal justice. In making her decision the Prosecutor will have to answer hard questions; it is hoped that she and her office will have the courage to deal with the difficult or to use the phrase of Madame Prosecutor herself “controversial” situation. It will be argued that not to investigate the particular circumstances of a case involving Israel may demonstrate an excess of caution over performance of her and her office’s responsibilities.”

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