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Majority of children who lose their families, and live without any guardian or protection, are in the Muslim world. Human traffickers, child soldiers, child labourers, organ mafia, drug abuse, crime syndicates, prostitution and child begging rings are only some of the threatening facts that they may have to face. Meanwhile missionary organizations grab millions of children who have no one to protect them in Muslim countries and use them for their own missionary interests.

As IHH we are trying to care for hundreds of thousands of orphans in dozens of countries. We keep working relentlessly in order to support them until they are able to stand on their own feet and provide for their needs from accommodation to healthcare, to education and food. We want them grow up in their homeland without losing their culture and depending on someone else other than their own relatives. We build orphanages with a cozy home environment for orphans, who lost their both parents and unable tos tay with their relatives.

We are covering living expenses of 96.910 orphans in 52 countries and in 76 cities across Turkey on monthly regular basis and support them in terms of education, healthcare, food and accommodation. Annually we deliver aid to 800.000 orphans in 120 countries and regions

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How do we provide for Orphans?

We employ a number of strategies to cover orphans’ education, healthcare, food, clothing and accommodation expenses, to give away new outfits in every eid to not let smiles fade away on their faces, to fund the construction of orphanages where they can grow up in a safe environment. These are as follows:

  • Orphan Sponsorship Program

    With this system, an individual, family, organization, friend circle, classroom or school can sponsor an orphan; by donating 125TL on a monthly basis, this can contribute significantly to the education, healthcare, food, clothing and shelter needs for the sponsored orphan.


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  • Project Sponsorship
    Project based relief activities such as orphanage and house construction or renovation, educational materials, healthcare can be sponsored by a certain person or body. Those who volunteer to sponsor a project can bear the expenses of an entire orphanage construction or parts of it like library, dormitory, kitchen or a hall. The volunteering sponsors can also contribute to the expenses of one-year maintenance of an orphanage. If you would like to sponsor a project or build an orphanage please call 0212 631 2121 to get in touch with IHH Orphan-care Office
  • Orphan Support Pool
    Apart from Orphan Sponsorship Program and Project Sponsorship all donations made to orphans are collected in Orphan Support pool. The funds collected in this pool are then used for orphanage renovation, setting up library or a dormitory, healthcare, organizing social activities for orphans, purchasing eid outfits for orphans. Every SMS sent to 3072 with the text “ORPHAN” means a 5-lira-donation to the pool.


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  • “Every Class Has an Orphan Friend!”

    With this aid campaign, a classroom of pre-school, primary school, high school, private school and madrasa students in Turkey that donate their pocket money to raise 125TL a month can meet the monthly needs of an orphan throughout the year. Since 2017, with this campaign that is supported by the Ministry of Education, Educator’s Trade Union and Ministry for Religious Affairs, more than 1 million students in 8 thousand 81 schools sponsored more than 20 thousand orphans in Turkey and all over the world. If you are a student or parent, you can join this campaign by contacting your school. For more information call the IHH Orphan Department on 0212 631 2121.



38 Orphanages Across 13 Countries

  • Why does IHH open orphanages?
    IHH orphanages serve beyond places of acommodation where orphans sleep in. They are built according to the particular conditions of the region and often hold strategic importance. In some countries Muslims are oppressed and their children are unable to receive education in their mother tongue and in Islamic subjects. Orphanages built by IHH in these regions meet both the need for acommodation and education. Orphanages built in Pakistan after a major earthquake aimed at protecting the children against the missionary organizations. IHH orphanages and colleges that evolved into education institutions are regarded as the most presitigious education institutions in the country. The education centre that opened in 2013 in Somalia, which is plagued by civil war over the past 20 years, features a school, a mosque, a dormitory, a medical centre and playground. 1.500 students including 400 boarding students study there. The education centre aims to equip children who had to quit school due to civil war or povery with necessary skills and qualifications to join the society thus is the biggest investment in children who are the future of the country as it aims to help them.

2 thousand orphans lives in IHH orphanages .

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Orphan Solidarity Days

With the organization of IHH, every year volunteer teams that depart from Turkey visit orphans, distribute aid, open orphanages, conduct on-site inspections and bring joy to orphans all over the world. This campaign of kindness that we repeat every year is called the Orphan Solidarity Day. The Orphan Solidarity Day is one of the most important activities we organize for orphans during the year. In 2018, 100 thousand people benefitted from the 427 projects we materialized as a part of this organization.

These projects include hundreds of activities such as:

  • Buying home furniture for families of orphans
  • Covering renovation expenses of orphanages
  • Buying sewing machines for orphans to make their own clothes
  • Facilitating medical check-ups
  • Helping orphans without economic means to get married
  • Providing stationary and books needed
  • Organizing picnics and kite festivals


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Orphan News

  • The “International Children’s Rights Day”
    An event was organized by the Orphan Foundation, the International Refugee Rights Association, the Children of the Earth Foundation and IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Children’s Rights Agreement signed by the UN.
  • Collaboration protocol with the Toç Bir-Sen
    A collaboration protocol was signed between IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and the Union of Agriculture and Forestry Workers (Toç Bir-Sen) in the fields ranging from agriculture to health, from education to tree planting, and orphan projects to aid operations.
  • Orphans need your help
    IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation will be organizing this year’s Orphan Solidarity Days in September, October and November. This project, that will benefit almost 130 thousand orphans and their families, needs the support and donations of donors.

IHH runs 13 orphanages in 38 countries.

IHH on monthly regular basis covers the living expenses of 96.910 orphans in 52 countries..