Palestine / Gaza

Gaza, which is under ambargo and siege for a long while, is the world’s largest open-air prison. Two-million Palestinians deprived of their rights to travel freely are struggling to survive in the city encircled by high security walls. The basic necessities of human life such as access to hospitals, food, medications, accommodation, education and electricity is seldom possible in the city due to recurrent Israeli attacks.

IHH’s Gaza activities are coordinated through IHH Gaza office set up in 2009. The Gaza office is in charge of developing projects that will meet the need of Gazans. The Office facilitates relief aid and healthcare while providing regular education to over 2000 Palestinians through 3 education centers affiliated to the office.

  • What does IHH Gaza Office do?
    IHH Gaza Office was set up in 2009 following the Israeli attacks on Gaza as it it called Operation Cast Lead that left over thousand casualties, in order to coordinate the relief efforts on site. 37 staff and 60 volunteers are working at the office which provides relief aid, psychological support, vocational training, education and orphan-care activities.


In 2019 in Gaza;

With our Orphan Sponsorship System, we provided support for the food, healthcare, shelter and educations costs of 12.222 orphans.

We delivered food aid to 4.305 families, winter aid to 700 families, domestic appliances to 82 families, and cash aid to 738 families.

During Ramadan, we shared our iftar meals with 4.541 people. At Eid al-Adha, we delivered 6.600 shares of qurban meat to tens of thousands of families. We donated eid clothing to 1.181 orphans.

We delivered medical aid to 3 hospitals. We distributed wheelchairs to 921 people in need, and carried out eye prosthesis surgery on 6 patients.

Almost 2 .000 people received training in different professions, and 14 students completed their hafiz training at the Ottoman Culture Center.

11 people who benefitted from our development projects secured a job where they could provide for their families.

We distributed hot meals to 18.000 people for our soup kitchen.