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Scope of Work

Emergency Aid

War, civil war, earthquake, flood, tsunami, fire, landslide, drought, epidemic, poverty and famine… Millions of people affected by the above are struggling to survive around the globe. Thousands of families are destroyed daily due to neverending wars. Nonetheless the primary goal of the relief operations is to reach out to the destitute people fighting to survive despite adversity.

The most important leg of IHH Humanitarian Relief is made of emergency aid activities. In addition to meeting the urgent needs of destitute people, raising awareness about an emerging crisis, conflict or war in the international community and undertaking crisis avoidance strategies remain at the heart of our activities.

Our humanitarian relief activities when an emegency situation happens anywhere in the world are as follows:

  • Food, clothes and other supplies for basic humanitarian needs,
  • Safe environment for women, children and homeless,
  • Setting up tents, container shelters, mobile soup kitchens,
  • Providing medical trucks, medical supplies, surgeries and similar healthcare service.