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Human Rights

In spite of international conventions and agreements protecting human rights and dignity the violations of human rights and freedoms are escalating around the world while oppressors get away with their crimes. Although social justice should prevail all around the world the human exploitation of economically stronger countries knows no end.

We belive that it is our duty to make sure that people around the world regardless of their race and religion have a life with justice and freedom without persecution. We believe that every human being deserves a diginified life without needing assistance of others and this is only possible by upholding justice and human rights. 

We prepare reports about the aftermath of disasters, crises and wars to raise awareness in the international community and develop a common understanding for solutions. We also undertake crisis avoidance activities. While we reach out to destitute people affected by oppression, war and natural disaster we also take action to stop violations of these people’s basic human rights and freedoms.

We develop projects to alleviate the suffering of destitute people and put efforts to mobilize the international judiciary bodies to take affirmative action against violations in conflict areas and warzones.