Scope of Work

Humanitarian Relief

Millions of people who are victims of wars, conflicts, natural disasters, epidemics, diseases, poverty, drought worldwide are struggling to survive. The goal of our foundation is to delivery basic human needs of these needy and destitute people. While we intervene in emergency situations we also bring service to the regions in terms of healthcare, food, shelter and education. Moreover we bring about development strategies to help the region become self-dependent.

In our relief efforts, we prioritize to improve solidarity, brotherhood and kindness in Turkey as well as around the world and develop social and cultural projects to this end. Our foundation serves as a role model and mentor for the NGOs operating in crisis areas and builds permanent facilities like schools, orphanages, wells, culture centres, medical clinics and hospitals.

We bring healthcare services such as medical check-up, treatment, medical equipment aid, rehab to the areas in need. Moreover we network and organize medical staff in different countries and support their medical professional training as a way to help deliver healthcare service to the needy people.

In areas where regular education is suspended and the resources are insufficient, we build, renovate or refurbish schools, madrasas, institutes. We also help students from crisis areas to get education in other countries and faciliate professional training programs for educator. In areas under the influence of intense missionary activities, we organize cultural activities much needed by local Muslims. Among our activities are providing textual and visual materials, setting up culture centres, building places of worship, organizing vocational training courses, translation of scholarly works and setting up media outlets.