Scope of Work

Humanitarian Diplomacy

The Middle East comes first in the list of places plagued with human rights violations in the world. In addition to millions of lives threatened every day, hundreds and thousands of people are deprived of their right to live freely as they are imprisoned without a fair trial.

In addition to humanitarian relief work and human rights activities, IHH is carrying out humanitarian diplomacy and take action where inter-governmental diplomacy fails in order to protect civilians, to find missing people, to rescue hostages, take steps to resolve the issues in conflict areas, areas hit by natural disaster and warzones.

We put official and diplomatic efforts about issues where human life is concerned, serve as mediator, and negotiate to remove the obstacles blocking humanitarian relief work.

Our Foundation is represented not only in national and regional level but also in many international outlets about relief work so that we strengthen our relations on national and international level to work more efficiently in all these areas.