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Search and Rescue

The geography on which we are living is not far from earthquakes. Thousands of our citizens were buried under the rubble in the catastropbic earthquake in Yalova on 17 August 1999. Over the past three decades 2.3 million people died in natural disasters around the globe. IHH emergency search and rescue teams set off from Turkey in many incidents of natural disasters across the world.  Our teams give priority  to examining the situation and reporting it back to our headquarters as soon as possible. We develop projects based on these actual reports and meet the needs of the destitute people.

IHH search and rescue teams go through various trainings to become efficient and qualified rescuers. Training sessions for search and rescue underwater, in fire and under debris are held in consecutive levels. Fire search and rescue training is given by experts along with simulations in Firefighters Department Training Centre. The teams acquire the skills to transfer wounded from the fire, set up transfer operations and son on thus become qualified to interfere the fire situation based on the nature of the place.

Individual training sessions geared for search and rescue under collapsed buildings and how to use the specialized equipment are given by AFAD trainers. The teams are also trained how to set up walkie talkies stations and use them accordingly for efficient communication in the disaster areas where phone and internet cable network collapsed.  

Teams are trained for underwater search and rescue in open air pools or the sea. After completing first aid medical training the teams become qulified to step in to help in disaster and accident scenes.

The training sessions are held periodically and on certain levels. It takes long yeas to become expert in search and rescue operations. Therefore IHH continues training its teams. So far 850 pople have trained been trained in various levels and are ready to interfere in the case of a disaster.